Modern Ag Products LLC has been supplying fertilizer to Columbia Basin farmers and gardeners for 30 years. Two ways in which Modern Ag Products have been helping growers are: 1) Emphasizing the importance of and increasing the beneficial biology of the soil. 2) Manipulating the plant through nutrition to produce the maximum yield and quality.

In the past, agriculture has focused primarily on the chemical and physical properties. Modern Ag Products, along with several publications, highlights another integral component of the soil. It's biological features. Increasing the soil biology can:

  1. Increase fertilizer availability and efficiency
  2. Improve soil tilt
  3. Increase root development
  4. Improve water penetration and holding capacity
  5. Suppress soil borne disease
  6. Suppress root feeding nematodes
Most plants go through 6 stages of growth:
  1. Germination
  2. Sprouting
  3. Fruiting     (At this stage the plant is determining what the maximum potential yield will be. From here on out it is the mistakes people make that limit or reduce the plants yield.)
  4. Rapid Growth
  5. Seed Set
  6. Maturation

With knowledge of the growth stages, the understanding how each nutrient is used by the plant, and knowing the cause and effect upon the plant of each nutrient allows Modern Ag Products to manipulate the growth, yield, and harvest timing within reason.